The traditional model of medical publications is changing. In place of formal print journals run by specialty societies, open access electronic journals are appearing everywhere. There is much to like in this change. Page limitations that prevent the full dissemination of research are being relaxed in this new model, and more research can be published.  Open access also means that the heavy financial support and quid pro quo provided to dominant specialty societies by pharmaceutical companies, in the journal advertising and reprints model, will also lessen.

Missing in all of the publication models, however, is frank discussion about the meaning and consequences of the research and ideas it generates. Article introductions are boiler-plate bland. Letters to the editor are limited and circumscribed. It is rare that one can really comment meaningfully. There is much to be liked about the peer review model, but there is also much wrong with it, particularly when it reinforces the current dominant idea and suppresses alternative views.

This blog is designed to facilitate open, vigorous discussion about fibromyalgia and fibromyalgia-related issues.
Say here what you think. We want to open up frank discussions of the full spectrum of fibromyalgia-related ideas and consequences. But do keep in mind Niels Bohr’s admonition, ‘It is not enough to be wrong, one must also be polite.

Rules about posting and articles:

About comments. We want this blog to be about research and discussions concerning fibromyalgia. To post to this blog you should be a published author, have other academic credentials, or would be welcomed as a discussant in an academic journal. We make these somewhat arbitrary rules to try to exclude the general, non-scientific public. We welcome comments by all scientists and social scientists, not just those who are physicians. This blog is moderated, meaning that the editors decide what will appear. In general, we will not censor on-topic scientific posts provided authors meet the above guidelines. If you don’t fit our guidelines and think you have something to contribute, send the editors an email at fmperplex@gmail.com.

About articles. We welcome submissions of articles. By articles we mean new subject posts of varying length. They can be long. In fact, we might even publish short academic articles. If you want to submit a new-subject post, write and discuss this with the editors first at fmperplex@gmail.com.



The Fibromyalgia Perplex: The title and tagline of this blog is modified from Frederick Crews’ 1964 classic, The Pooh Perplex. ‘It is discovered that the true meaning of the Pooh stories is not as simple as is usually believed, but for proper elucidation requires the combined efforts of several academicians of varying critical persuasions.’



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